The bank holiday in camera

I hope you all had a great Easter break – I have been out and about and have a few photos to share with you.

In the local high street a Good Luck message for the royal wedding!

A beer called Jolly Decent Wallop a special a few weeks ago at the Rickmansworth Wetherspoon Pub.  I always look for and sample guest ales!  

A lovely old radio featured a way back on Dickinson’s Real Deal

The spring blossom has been abundant as usual this year.  This is an ornamental cherry tree in full blossom.

I saw this box of slippers in our local Barnados store, and the man looks rather twee in the shot on the second packet.  Clearly this product was not at all popular as I have seen a pack in a charity shop in Pinner as well!

In the sixties we grew up with Percy Thrower being the expert gardener, no Alan Tichmarsh or Monty Don.  Also we had the likes of Barry Bucknall showing us how to do it ourselves and how to fix up a morris minor car!  Happy days!

I am quite proud that where I live we still have a local amateur football team and pitch

I found K9 the dog from Dr Who out with the rubbish locally!
Sad about the actress who played Sarah Jane dying recently.

Finally some pictures taken on my main camera with many more pixels than my basic camera phone above

Some lovely cloud formations this Easter and shots taken at Hanwell on the canal there


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