Web site finds and the recession bites? A big Wasp found in Watford, Heath Robinson in Pinner

I discovered an excellent site two nights ago, and thoroughly recommend you visit it if you enjoy what youngsters tend to term as “cheesy radio”.  For us anoraks there are hundreds of clips, some long programme excerpts, plus a full 24 hour broadcast, which can be listened to in real audio.  If you post this address into real player ou can easily listen to, and download the real audio recordings to Real Player.  Real Player will then make an audio cd of the recordings if you would like that.  Mind you I recommend either just listening or saving the excellent recordings as real audio files to listen to on your pc.  There are programs that will rip them to mp3 tracks but the low bitrate sometimes lets things down.

I have discovered a great Dutch internet radio station today. If you used to enjoy Radio Veronica you will like this one.  It has the rather unusual name of “Old Men’s Radio”.  They have Dutch songs and plenty of good oldies http://www.omradio.nl/

Is the recession really taking effect now?

I took a trip to Watford in Hertfordshire on Tuesday and was amazed at how few people were shopping there, in the malls and the streets.  One shop had a half price sale on, and the assistant said it was to encourage people to buy.  

I am also amazed that the buses in Hertfordshire run by Arriva still take cash fares.  They need something like an Oyster out that way.  It slows buses down.  It also seems that Hertfordshire have cut the subsidy to buses and they are modifying and cutting out some services.

I did notice a newsagents there that had its magazines arranged in very neat piles – the picture is blurred but I hope you can see the magazines – a real delight to see this in this day and age.
Also in Watford outside McDonalds is a massive wasp. It has probably been there for years but it was new to me. Obviously the mascot of the Watford Football Team.

In Pinner they currently have a fascinating exhibition of Heath Robinson prints and orgininal drawings of strange contraptions, some are displayed in an Estate Agents in Bridge Street.  I suggest you get along there before it closes.  The copyright of Heath Robinson’s work is protected but a web search in Google today revealed that there are many more pictures online than ever before. I do not intend to paste my pictures taken on my mobile in the Estate Agents here for fear of breeching copyright, but if you click on this search you may be able to see the interesting work he has done:
More information on this exhibition which is house in West House in Pinner Park, and approached through the expensive Daisys Cafe – which when I was there was full of screaming children and their parents. Can be got here http://www.pinnerassociation.co.uk/content/?page_id=58

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