Waffle miscellany with pictures from my mobile

In a local charity shop I spotted this boxed set of characters from the excellent Primeval series.  The sad thing however, in common with many of these promotional issues, is that they do not resemble the characters at all.
The new series of Primeval sees the return of some of the original gang from a long stay behind an anomally.  Last week’s featured a very attractive lady from the 1800s chasing a lizard like Dinosaur. Great armchair fodder for the Wireless Waffler!

I am amazed at how many spelling errors that appear in adverts on newsagent’s advertising boards – here are a few I have collected, with the contact details obliterated!

I noticed this unusual bird feeder stuck to the inside of a pet shop window – the idea is that the birds feed close to your window so you can see everything that is going on.  They have put a toy bird in it to give you the general idea!  If it is like the sucker on my shower cleaner it will occasionally fall off!

This is a local restaurant which seems to have taken it’s name from the famous Eastender television programme

 I am not sure if this is graffiti or something this shop has painted on it’s shutters and shop sign.  I hope this brightens up your day!

A new part work has come out which enables you to build a model of the James Bond car week by week.  Issue one is £1.99 and further issues are £6.99.  No wonder issue 1 is so cheap – it is only a radiator that is included in the front blister pack! 


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