Mushroom FM hits the internet and wi fi wave bands

Today I was looking on “new stations” on my frontier silicon based radio, and found Mushroom FM.  I found myself tuned to it from 9am through to 1pm.  The shows were presented by very intelligent presenters. One sounded either from Australia or New Zealand. Next came a programme by an American Lady called Erin and her husband.  The variety of music from rock to oldies and beyond was refreshing as was the talk.

Their site also invites people to become presenters

Become a MushroomFM presenter

Why Present on Mushroom FM?

Mushroom FM is a fun, supportive place to broadcast. We promote ourselves in innovative ways that encourage people to hear us, and most importantly, our standards in terms of audio production and presentation are very high. Right from our classy JAM jingle package to our innovative promos, Mushroom FM has become synonymous with excellence.
Every one of us is a volunteer, but we believe that in no way allows us to produce shows of any lesser quality than if we were being paid the big bucks. We all possess a strong work ethic, and a pride in our own and the station’s performance. It’s these factors that keep listeners coming back for more, and recommending us to their friends. There’s not much point in putting all the hard work in if the listeners aren’t there to hear it. With Mushroom FM, you become part of a well-established and popular brand, with a loyal and growing listener base.
The fact that Mushroom FM broadcasters host shows exclusively on Mushroom FM means you won’t be working on a project where a colleague one moment is a competitor the next, making for a cooperative, supportive, congenial atmosphere. If you’d like to read about our policy on working with competing Internet radio projects, you can read this blog post.
Many of our broadcasters have significant broadcasting, training, and technical experience, meaning you’ll be part of a team who can help you develop your craft.
We have a great new broadcaster’s manual that will get you up to speed quickly.
We have the infrastructure to ensure stable, quality broadcasting, and the provision of technologies like podcasting so your show gets maximum exposure.

They also state

Mushroom FM Internet radio.

You have plenty of ways of hearing your favourite music these days. You probably carry a lot of it with you on a portable device. There are on-line services that let you choose what you hear.
So why do you listen to radio on the Internet? You’ve told us at Mushroom FM that its because you like it when music is presented by people who can entertain you, who know their stuff, and who take pride in high audio standards.
That’s what Mushroom FM is all about. Right from our quirky name to our fun presenters, we’re the home of the fun guys. We hope to play some of your favourites, introduce you to material you’ve not heard before, and do it all in a way that keeps you coming back for more mushroom goodness.
At the very stem of our mushroom is the Mushroom FM guarantee. Mushroom FM is no automated jukebox. All of our content is produced by our team of fun guys. No handing over to a computer that just plays songs and promos. When we’re not live, you can hear shows you missed.
Our little mushroom is tiny right now. But it is a recently planted mushroom. You’ll find it grows quickly, so keep checking back for more. And be sure to follow Mushroom FM on Twitter

For links to the broadcast and more information on the station which receives a gold star award from the Wireless Waffler, on a first listen at least click here


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