Courier delivery worse than Royal Mail

Update 11th January
Amazon checked with Home Delivery, found out the item was lost in transit, and has refunded the cost of the item.
Update 6th January
I managed to rebook a delivery for tomorrow on the Home Network Site. Rang to check that this was correct.  Found out that they have a lot of parcels in the Wembley Depot with no labels.  I find this impossible to imagine because Amazon labels are self adhesive and cling very well to cardboard.  Has the warehouse been flooded or is there bad condensation there. Not the concern of recipients.  Their advice is to ring Amazon direct and complain then hopefully if the package is lost they will send a replacement.
On the 31st a package from Amazon arrived but I was not at home.  I used the internet as suggested on their card to re-book the delivery.  I additionally spoke to their customer services to check that this had been done.  Re-delivery was due today, I stayed in until 3pm then rang.  Apparently they have not scanned the item since the 31st.  The package is having to be searched for in their Wembley Depot.   
The company makes it difficult for you to contact them, The only way of getting out of the automated system is to input a junk number three times then you get a person to speak to.
I would love dearly like the option to ask people to send my packages by Royal Mail, at least then it would be held in a local depot.  Wembley is quite a journey from my home base.
The background to this incompetent bunch of couriers is given below from their website
HDNL is proud to deliver for over 120 retailers. When you purchased your goods from one of those retailers you will have selected, or been provided with, a specific delivery criteria. For example next day, signature or safe delivery location.

Each item is despatched from the retailer with a unique parcel identifier (UPI). At certain points during the delivery process the item is scanned which provides parcel tracking information.

This parcel tracking information is available to you via our ‘Track & Trace’ facility on this website. In order to use the ‘Track & Trace’ parcel tracking facility you will need to enter the UPI (Unique Parcel Identifier) associated with your parcel; this should have been provided to you by your retailer.

HDNL strives to satisfy customers by delivering on the first attempt, however if this is not possible, we have developed a new carding process that allows the customer to select a redelivery or collection date of their choosing, via a new web portal,, a 24 hour automated self service telephone number or by calling our contact centre and arranging via an agent. Upon receiving these new instructions our depot staff ensure that the parcel is delivered or collected on the date nominated.

Check what is going on in your Wembley Depot Home Delivery Network!!!


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