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I was searching under soft rock on my frontier silicon based wi fi radio and found a staggering amount of American radio stations playing nothing but Christmas Music.  

Chris Evans continues to produce some of the most innovative breakfast time radio on Radio2. He has truly matured and become a quality broadcaster.  

Radio Today reports;

BBC TV channel replaces radio

A total of 13 BBC radio services are being replaced by a single television channel in Scotland, after the BBC Trust approved the launch of BBC ALBA on Freeview.

The Trust said it is the most technically and financially viable way to make the service available, initially between 5pm and midnight.

The review decided losing BBC Radios 1,2, 3, 4, 5 Live, 5 Live Sports Extra, BBC 1Xtra, BBC Asian Network, BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 7, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio nan Gàidheal, and BBC World Service. would be a better alternative than dropping another television channcel such as BBC Parliment.

BBC ALBA is a Gaelic-language service currently available on satellite and BBC iPlayer, with limited distribution on smaller cable providers. It is the first BBC licence fee funded service to operate as a partnership, between the BBC and MG ALBA.

It was found that buying spectrum was ruled out due to the prohibitive cost. The removal of a red button stream or BBC Parliament from Freeview was also ruled out due to the likely loss of significant public value. Distributing BBC ALBA on broadband as an alternative to Freeview was ruled out due to relatively low broadband take-up and slow broadband speeds in Scotland, particularly in the Highlands and Islands.

BBC Trust Chairman Sir Michael Lyons said: “The question of how to make BBC ALBA more widely available to licence fee payers in Scotland is a good example of the wider issue of distribution choices which we have been grappling with as part of our recent Strategy Review – how the BBC should best reach audiences as platforms increase. Through the Strategy Review we’ve committed the BBC to doing more to ensure that its services can be conveniently accessed by all audiences, and doing more to represent the nations. Enabling BBC ALBA to be carried on Freeview is a key part of that commitment.”

Trent Arena gets Capital name

08:04PM, 22 Dec 2010

Trent FM Arena Nottingham is joining the re-branding bandwagon and becoming the Capital FM Arena from January 3rd.

Absolute Radio goes ad-free

09:39AM, 22 Dec 2010

Absolute Radio is removing all spot-adverts on Christmas Eve in a deal with Camelot and the EuroMillions.

Planet Rock breakfast changes

08:12AM, 22 Dec 2010

Former Xfm, Kerrang and Absolute Radio presenter Lucio is joining Planet Rock to host a new weekday breakfast show from January.

Format changes for GMG Radio

07:05AM, 22 Dec 2010

Ofcom has approved various format changes for a number of radio stations owned by GMG Radio.

Niocom sells Dune 107.9

08:49PM, 21 Dec 2010

Southport’s local commercial radio station Dune 107.9 has been sold to a local community radio group.

Absolute makes football app

08:24AM, 21 Dec 2010

Absolute Radio is continuing its trend of providing radio-related apps for the iPhone App Store with the release of Rock ‘N’ Roll Football Live Scores.

Star Bristol to change Format

01:01AM, 21 Dec 2010

Ofcom has granted permission to Celador Radio to change the Format of one of their Bristol stations.

RAB welcomes new Ofcom code

12:39AM, 21 Dec 2010

The Radio Advertising Bureau is welcoming the changes made by Ofcom to the Broadcasting Code.

New Broadcasting Code rules

11:54AM, 20 Dec 2010

Ofcom has changed the Broadcasting Code to allow paid-for references to brands and products in radio programming.
From Radio Netherlands Media Network Blog
Media Network Rotating Header Image

I Love CBC petition aims to save the CBC

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting has launched a petition to re-affirm the importance of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The I Love CBC petition was launched on 13 December in response to a statement by Dean Del Mastro, parliamentary secretary to the minister of Canadian Heritage, on 23 November. During a standing committee on Canadian heritage hearing, Del Mastro stated publicly, “Maybe it’s time we get out of the broadcasting business.”
Friends of Canadian Broadcasting is calling Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government a significant threat to the CBC and they are collecting signatures for a petition to save the public broadcaster. As of Monday (20 December), Friends of Canadian Broadcasting has collected 48,000 signatures [49,994 at the time of this post], with a goal to deliver 50,000 signatures to members of Parliament.
Visit the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting website for more information and to sign the petition.

WRTH 2011 received today – review to follow

A review copy of the 2011 World Radio TV Handbook (WRTH) arrived today. As usual I shall be writing a review when I’ve had time to look through it. Hopefully the review will be on our website in the course of next week. For those of you who can’t wait, you can order the new edition direct from the WRTH website.

Dutch radio market shares Oct/Nov 2010

The Dutch radio market shares for Oct/Nov 2010 were published today by research bureau Intomart GfK. Market-leader Radio 538 has forged further ahead, but the public broadcasters now occupy the 2nd to 4th positions as the decline of Sky Radio continues. The one-time market leader has now dropped below an 8 percent market share, its lowest ever. Q-music has also dropped by the same amount, 0.4 percent, but Radio Veronica and 100%NL have maintained their shares from last month’s survey.
Over 50s station Radio 5 has continued to progress, while Radio 10 Gold has not so far improved on its previous share of 2.6 percent despite returning to mediumwave in mid-October. Arrow Classic Rock, which has no terrestrial distribution, has slumped to a market share of just one percent.
The market shares in percent plus the figures for (Sept/Oct 2010) and [Oct/Nov 2009] were as follows:

  1. Radio 538 11.6 (11.2) [10.6]
  2. Radio 3FM* 9.7 (9.4) [9.1]
  3. Radio 2* 9.3 (9.6) [9.8]
  4. Radio 1* 8.2 (7.9) [7.3]
  5. Sky Radio 7.9 (8.3) [8.5]
  6. Q-music 7.1 (7.5) [6.8]
  7. Radio Veronica 5.2 (unchanged) [6.1]
  8. 100%NL 4.2 (unchanged) [4.3]
  9. Radio 5* 3.4 (3.2) [2.8]
  10. Radio 10 Gold 2.6 (unchanged) [2.5]
  11. Radio 4* 2.1 (2.0) [1.9]
  12. Classic FM 2.0 (1.9) [2.0]
  13. Slam!FM 1.8 (2.0) [2.1]
  14. Arrow Classic Rock 1.0 (1.1) [1.3]
  15. BNR Nieuwsradio 0.8 (unchanged) [1.0]
  16. Arrow Jazz FM 0.5 (unchanged) [0.3]
  17. Kink FM 0.4 (unchanged) [0.3]
  18. Radio 6* 0.2 (unchanged) [0.2]

* Public station. Others commercial.

  • Regional public stations (cumulative) 11.8 (11.8) [12.0]
  • Regional commercial stations (cumulative) 4.8 (5.0) [5.4]
  • Other stations (cumulative) 5.6 (5.4) [5.6]


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