The changing faces in soap operas!

The recent return of Ben in EastEnders has prompted me to comment on the trend for writers and producers, not only to kill off cast, but in some cases totally replace them overnight with another actor.  The new Ben character is noticeably more grown up and the only similarity to me seems to be his glasses and hearing aid.

Earlier on this soap we had to cope with a new more grown up Lauren.  It is amazing that Max Brannan did not notice this.

In Coronation Street, at least they have kept the same actor as Chesney, and he has merely grown up over the years.

They also recently brought in a new child actor as Amy.  I have only been able to get a thumbnail picture of the new Amy with Steve and Becky.  It is amazing with the tram crash and disaster that she has not been seen for over a week or so on television!  Simon hid in a wardrobe in the disaster, has Amy done the same in the Rovers?  

Coronation Street must have caused some distress to some of it’s older viewers with the scenes covering the tram crash, and also the deaths of established cast characters.  I suppose at least they did not do it on Christmas Day.


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