House of Commons Committee discussing Radio Caroline’ request for medium wave licence for 2014 for it’s 50th Birthday

 I was viewing my Yahoo Group the Radio Caroline Mailing List, and was amazed to find that there was a link to a video of a House of Common’s meeting in Committee Room 16 with Ofcom.  The matter of a licence for a medium wave frequency for Caroline is raised as a complaint to Ofcom at 12.18.30 in this video – hold the bar that 
indicates the video is playing and drag it to that timing, or watch the entire video.  I think that it is amazing that the House of Commons allow us to view this, and also to allow people to embed this in their website or blog.Sorry I had to remove this video from the blog because it autostarted and caused the blog to crash in firefox – below is the link to that video, and that works perfectly if you have microsoft silverlight installed

Committee Room 16
Meeting started at 10.34am
ended at 12.25pm

Ofcom: the effectiveness of converged regulation

  1. Ed Richards, Chief Executive, Ofcom


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