Miscellaneous Waffles

One pleasant thing about the winter is Porridge or Ready Brek for breakfast in the mornings.  I do hate making the stuff in the microwave, because I use 100% milk it tends to boil over which means cleaning up after I make a bowl of the stuff.  I have since stopped making it in a bowl but I am sure you will agree it has not worked for me microwaving the stuff in a bowl!

Recently in Pinner they had a pantomime evening and this was the winning window display – not in my opinion though, there were much better displays 

One thing that annoys me, and others is the way people dump donations outside a shop on a Sunday when it is shut.  This picture is not too hot coming off my mobile, but illustrates the point.  Somebody dropped off piles of vinyl and this unfortunately attracts the attention of thieves.  I am amazed the police do not take covert action to catch the people who fly tip in this manner, and the people who steal what is there before the charity or rain can get to them

This looks like a rather dodgy advert, and is appearing on a lot of local noticeboards
This book by Terry Wogan seems to be in almost every charity shop now – strange how books seem to go out of fashion and arrive en masse in a variety of charity outlets

 Finally, feature in a video earlier in this blog, a picture of the lovely duck pond at Harefield in Middlesex.  I am eternally grateful to Harefield Hospital for keeping my heart beating after a heart attack three years ago.



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