The Queen and Digital Radio, or lack of it!

If the Queen gets her own repeater multiplex for DAB will we all get our own personal ones in each road and street in the land?  Not likely!  Has the Daily Mail got this right anyway?

From the Daily Mail Site

Why H.M. wants to keep FM

The wedding of her grandson, Prince William, is not the only matter pre­occupying the Queen.
As she faces a frenetic period of personal and official duties, from William’s nuptials to Prince Philip’s 90th birthday next year and her own Diamond ­Jubilee in 2012, she has, I learn, been ­fretting about something entirely unrelated to the monarchy.
In short, Her Majesty is worried about radio reception at her favourite retreat, Windsor Castle.

Radio 4 listener: The Queen

Radio 4 listener: The Queen

An avid wireless listener, who once confessed to a liking for the dulcet tones of Sir Terry Wogan when the Irishman ruled the early morning airwaves, the Queen has openly expressed concern about what will happen after the official switch from FM frequencies to digital radio in 2015.
So anxious is the Queen about her future reception that she asked a senior courtier to bring up the matter with Leslie Burrage, boss of the Roberts Radio ­company, which has Royal ­Warrants to supply sets to Her Majesty’s households.
He tells me: ‘A senior member of her staff at Windsor Castle did bring up her worries about future radio reception after the switch­over from FM. He said she was concerned about being able to continue to tune in to BBC’s Radio 4 after the cut-off date.
‘The problem with Windsor ­Castle is the thickness of the walls, which prevents a digital ­signal ­getting through. It is, after all, a medieval fortress. FM can penetrate, but not DAB [digital].’
At one stage, Buckingham ­Palace also posed a problem for digital radio reception. It was solved last year when Mr ­Burrage’s firm set up an elaborate external aerial, known in the trade as a repeater, to allow the Queen to tune in to her bedside set.
Explains Burrage, 70: ‘We installed a repeater, which now provides the best digital ­reception in the land. This is as it should be for the Queen.’
But the reception problems at Windsor Castle — where the walls are much thicker than those at the Palace — have not been resolved. ‘We will have to find a way of installing a repeater at the Castle so that digital reception can be received,’ adds Burrage.
‘In the meantime, we are ­confident that the 2015 deadline will be put back. Ideally, it should be 2025, which I think would suit our most ­cherished customer, the Queen.’

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