Cuddly Ken honoured

 Great news from the Guardian Paper courtesy of Mike Terry British DX Club

The magic of radio…

BBC Radio 2 will attempt the impossible on Christmas Day with a “new” Kenny
Everett show 15 years after his death.

Kenny Everett’s Christmas Selection Box will feature archive clips of
Everett’s jingles, “fiddly bits” and comedy characters including Captain
Kremmen, Chris P Bacon and Rock Salmon, interspersed with classic and
current chart hits.

Introduced by Paul Gambaccini, the station said songs had been chosen for
the show that Everett “would have liked for their jolliness and
tunefulness”. It will also feature Everett’s interviews with the Beatles and
a duet with Harry Nilsson.

Gambaccini will also present a documentary about Everett and his hugely
influential radio work for Radio 2 on Christmas Eve.

Gambaccini said: “Kenny Everett was the best of us. It was no surprise that
the entire profession turned out for his funeral. All the radio stars of his
time recognised his genius.

“Kenny was a master of both preparation and spontaneity. He had both wit and
technical skill. He loved both music and comedy. He was the only one of us
who used the studio instead of just tolerating it. He was a wonderful
one-off, a great presenter and a fine friend.”

Everett, who was born on Christmas Day 1944, died in 1995. Both shows are
being made by independent producer Howlett Media.

Enjoy some slightly blurred clips of his television show on you tube courtesy of the wireless waffle


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