Remember Remember the 5th November

Tomorrow is bonfire night, and also the Indian Festival of Light which I do not think has happened before.

Some people are letting off fireworks already, and a week or so back someone threw a firework in the street outside the blog headquarters.

Fireworks now tend to be noisier due to the fact that explosions on the ground are banned on health and safety grounds.  No more jumping jacks for sure!   The current trend is for fireworks to explode in the air resulting in a loud noise.

At least Firework night is a better tradition as long as everyone is safety conscious.  Halloween which has only just passed is a silly tradition and seems to give children and others the excuse to throw eggs at peoples property.  Perhaps they could also throw some butter and milk at the same time – so we can scoop it up and make scrambled egg!

As a treat I have put a video from you tube featuring the 2010 New Year fireworks in London.  We paid for them presumable through our council tax, Boris is an expensive Mayor who is now putting up your bus and tube fares!  He is also robbing us blind for the Olympics in 2012.



Author: wirelesswaffle

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