Recommended Oldies Radio Station The Big 1080 am and Autism Radio UK

A station which I have been listening into this week which has appealed to me is The Big 1080am  WOAP from Michigan

 They announce on air that they are a 1000 watt station, so 1kw of power is quite low but they have a great on air sound.  The choice of oldies is great, and they use some 60s style jingles used on UK pirate stations.
If you want to give it a try


Another station I have been sampling is Autism Radio UK.

They play a good variety of music – some good oldies including more up to date stuff including Fat Boy Slim, and occasionally have speech programmes.

About Autism Radio UK


AutismRadioUK was established by Kevin Healey, it’s the first Autism Radio Station in the United Kingdom, which will broadcast local, national, and worldwide.. Kevin realized that people with Autism face lots of social barriers, so by establishing the radio station it will bring down those social barriers and improve communication across the spectrum for those with Autism & Asperger syndrome.
The studio is run by volunteers who are on the spectrum, each presenter will have there own dedicated show playing music from the 60’s to the current day inc talks, interviews, competitions etc.
Our listeners at AutismRadioUK have the ability to ask questions live on air and get honest and truthful advice.
AutismRadioUK presents knowledgeable and experienced hosts ,providing answers to many important questions and issues. AutismRadioUK cover a wide range of topics about Autism and the issues that surround it.


The future for Autism Radio UK

At the end of the year we will be looking into doing LIVE outside broadcasts, at present we can do live studio broadcasts, pre recorded shows, broadcasts outside (prerecorded) but soon we will be setting up a live outside Link so we can broadcast anywhere we are in the UK direct to our main studio at AutismRadioUK


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