The 1p bag at W H SMITH LTD

I do not usually buy sweets in W H Smith LTD.  Today I bought some Licorice Allsorts and a Twix bar and asked for a bag to carry them in.  The lady grabbed a tiny bag and said it would be 1p.  I declined and carried the items out in my hand risking possible arrest of shoplifting.  The company is presumably using the conservation and risk to the planet seriously and profiting from it.  

I personally do make a point of buying supermarket re-usable bags, like Sainsbury’s and Aldi, and M & S large ones.   My local mini mart are quite amused when I trot in with a re-usable bag for my shopping.  They happily hand out blue vest type carrier bags without requesting any money in return.   When I forget to take a bag with me it would be nice if someone would give you one free.  Waitrose do this which is great, but they do tend to charge more for their goods than other stores.

From The This is London Site 20th August 2008!!!!!!  Woolworths were still around then!

WH Smith has become the latest high street store to declare war on free plastic carrier bags.
After a successful trial in the North-West and Midlands, the chain is extending its ban on single use bags to shops across the South-West and South Wales.
If shoppers continue to back the move, a nationwide ban is expected to follow next year.

WH Smith

Bag banishers: WH Smith has joined the Daily Mail’s campaign to banish the bags

The decision follows the success of the Daily Mail’s Banish the Bags campaign to stop plastic pollution.

It won support from leaders of all political parties, community groups and most consumers.
Gordon Brown has given supermarkets until next spring to cut the number of free plastic bags they give out by 70 per cent, from 9.1billion to 3.9billion.
Marks & Spencer has seen a reduction of 80 per cent after imposing a 5p charge in May, while the National Trust revealed a reduction of 95 per cent following a charge at its 250 outlets.
Woolworths charges 3p per carrier in some cities and plans to scrap free ones by 2009. Britain’s fastest growing retailers, Aldi, Lidl and Netto, all charge.
WH Smith has seen a 12 per cent fall in carrier bag use in the last year from
1.65million bags to 1.5million since it stopped automatically giving out bags at the tills. During the trial, it has charged a penny for every bag.


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