Wireless Waffle Weekly awards

Best Radio Station of the Week

Flower Power Oldies

http://www.flowerpoweroldies.co.cc/ Back to Back music from the fifties sixties seventies and 80s!  It sounds as if it may be a German station but there are no announcements, jingles sound like the early BBC Radio 1 jingles streaming at 128kbps – excellent backdrop to the day.

Best Television of the Week

71 degrees North

The celebrities carry on in sub zero temperatures.  This time they had to climb a peak, and sleep in a tent which was suspended from a rock face.  Then they had to scale across a rope to collect a flag on the other side of the two peaks!


Fantastic episode in which Merlin lets a goblin escape 
the goblin jumps into Gaius’s body and creates mischief.  I was rocking with laughter when he sold potions to people for gold coins and they all had flatulence!  The King lost his hair as well, and Arthure grew donkey ears.  This programme is a gem – some of the special effects and animation is rather comical. Great entertainment though  

Album of the week

Party Megamix 50s and 60s  – I spotted this in our local Lidl store at £2.99 and saw that it had Stars on 45, Jive Bunny amongst the mixes on it.  The second CD has some great original rock and roll with Elvis Presley etc on it. The second CD has some short DJ announcements.   If you have not realised to date, I am a lover of naff and novelty tunes as well as mainstream pop, reggae, rock etc.  This falls into the novelty/naff bag.  The second CD is a unique collection of 50s rock and roll.

The track listings on Amazon are as follows:

Track Listings – of the first CD

Track Listings

Disc: 1
1. Peggy Sue(Buddy Holly & The Crickets)
2. La Bamba(Richie Valens)
3. Lets Have A Party (Elvis Presley)
4. Sea Cruise(Frankie Ford)
5. Summertime Blues(Eddie Cochran)
6. Get A Job(The Silouhettes)
7. Motor City Medley (Motor City Allstars)
8. Beach Boys Gold (Gidea Park)
9. Beatles Medley(Stars on 45)
10. Seasons Of Gold Medley(Gidea Park)
11. That’s What I Like Medley(Jive Bunny)
12. Orbisongs (Gerry Grant)
13. Rave On(Buddy Holly)
14. Whole Lotta Shakin Going On(Jerry Lee Lewis)
15. Move It(Cliff Richard)
16. Blue Suede ShoesCarl Perkins)
17. Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet) Jackie Wilson)
Disc: 2
1. Jailhouse Rock(Elvis Presley)
2. Lipstick On Your Collar(Connie Francis)
3. Seventeen(The Chordettes)
4. Six-Five Special(Don Lang)
5. Sweet Little Sixteen(Chuck Berry)
6. Hound Dog(Elvis Presley)
7. At The Hop(Danny & The Juniors)
8. Rip It Up(Little Richard)
9. Come On, Let’s Go(Richie Valens)
10. Bye Bye Love(The Everly Brothers)
11. Don t Be Cruel(Elvis Presley)
12. Why Do Fools Fall In Love(Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers)
13. Rock Around The Clock(Bill Haley)
14. Wake Up Little Susie(The Everly Brothers)
15. Rock n Roll Is Here To Stay(Danny & The Juniors)
16. Oh Boy(Buddy Holly & The Crickets)
17. Rock n Roll Music (Chuck Berry)
18. Good Rockin Tonight(Elvis Presley)
19. Chantilly Lace(The Big Bopper)
20. The Girl Can’t Help It(Little Richard)
21. Teddy Bear(Elvis Presley)
22. Tequila(The Champs)
23. Roll over Beethoven(Chuck Berry)
24. Long Tall Sally(Little Richard)
25. Tutti Frutti(Little Richard)
26. Waiting In School(Ricky Nelson)
27. Rebel Rouser(Duane Eddy)
28. I’m Walking(Ricky Nelson)
29. She s Got It(Little Richard)
30. Maybellene(Chuck Berry)
31. Pretty Thing(Bo Diddley)
32. You Can’t Catch Me(Chuck Berry)
33. Last Train To

 A review from an Amazon Customer who bought the first CD separately

Although most of the megamixes featured on this album have appeared on other compilations several times before, this is most definitely one of the best party albums of recent years.
Most of the mixes used appear courtesy of the people behind the hugely successful “Stars On 45” series from the 1980s, and there’s a couple of contributions from the original party animal ‘himself’, “Jive Bunny”. Still, all the medleys here have been either remixed or remastered to give “Party Megamix” a whole new sound.
spookily like the ‘King’ himself.
Of course, the people behind this album have used Jive Bunny’s “Swing The Mood” as the main selling point (and why not?) as the ‘Bunny’ was still relatively popular when this CD was originally released. But the quality of all the tracks featured is second-to-none.
This is an album I’d definitely recommend others to buy.

The album weighs in at £2.99 if you can find it in Lidls.  £4.99 on amazon, and £3.74 used on Amazon.

Single of the week

Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal,

Best of the week

The gaps in between the rain which seems to have been around for some time now.

Finding out the reason why my computer was connecting to the Internet was not a hardware or virus problem.  Loose ethernet cables – which need replacing, so have ordered some more, and wiggle the wires when the Internet drops off in the meantime. 

RSPCA finding a permanent home for our foster rabbits Abbott and Lupin.

Worst of the week/Gripe of the week

Not being able to push a plastic wine cork back into the bottle to save some after a meal.  It needed shaving down with a knife to fit.  

The silly cap on the top of a Hellmans Mayonnaise which was difficult to open.



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