Telegoons and Torchy!

I remember as a young child watching a puppet version of the Goon Show.  I had no idea that it was made in the 1950s,  My friend was anxious to get the telegoons on dvd,  I have found a company that says it can supply these in full. I am not sure if this company has the full rights to the material.

The picture is a little small – but it is amazing the film still exists to this day.

According to Wikipedia
The Telegoons was a BBC television comedy puppet show adapted from the highly successful BBC radio comedy show of the 1950s, The Goon Show. Two series of 11 and 15 episodes were made. The series was briefly repeated immediately after its original run, and all episodes are known to have survived (having been unofficially released on the Internet). Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan reprised their original voice roles from the radio series and appeared in promotional photos with some of the puppets from the show. A Telegoons comic strip appeared in TV Comic during the 1960s.
The only official broadcasts of any Telegoons material since the 1960s were a short excerpt, claimed to have been newly printed from the original negative, shown on the 1980s BBC archive series Windmill, and a brief excerpt during the quiz programme Telly Addicts.

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 Finally in this small posting reminiscing on old television programmes is a television show I watched in the early sixties.  Us 1950s children had a lot to amuse us, pre computer!


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