Wireless Waffler Awards of the week

Best things this week

Arrival of a girlfriend for our foster rabbit abbott – Lupin who is only 3-4 months old and grey!

 Abbot responded in true male rabbit style by trying to mount his lovely new lady friend.  He chased her relentlessly round the run.  My wife had the superb idea of placing two Grolsch Crates in the middle of the run, which gave Lupin the opportunity to dodge rambo Abbot!  Fortunately both rabbits are not mature enough yet to reproduce, and are due to be seen to before they reach that stage.   For two nights we kept them apart.

Tonight we think we have had a positive match, here is a picture of them eating together in the same hutch!  Fingers crossed Abbot treats Lupin well and they become good friends

A strange union of potatoes – in the same week that somebody discovered a carrot like buzz lightyear.  This was in a batch of potatoes in Lidl – complete with mud in the centre – rather like a heart – or if you mind is wired differently something ruder.

 The tablets I am on still give me headaches, but they are beginning to stop now, I have had a day and a bit without any headache.

Bad things this week

The fire in the fictional Eastenders pub and the departure of Peggy Mitchell.  Why do soap operas show this side of life?  It encourages people to raise fires etc.

Losing my Iceland chiller bag at the Pinner Show this Saturday.  Was it stolen, or did it drop off my shopping trolled?  Thankfully there was nothing in it.

Best Radio Station this week

this is the first part of their logo!

Offshore Music Radio

In their own words 
Welcome aboard the internet radio ship.  Here at Offshore Music Radio (OMR) we love to play the music that was played by the offshore radio stations that populated the coast of the UK and Europe in the 60s, 70s and 80s.  More than that, we just love music of that era so you don’t need to have been an offshore station fan to enjoy listening to OMR, one of the top internet radio stations web casting 24 hours a day.

      If you enjoyed the programs from the pirate radio ships such as Radio Caroline, London, 270, City, Scotland, Nordsee, Veronica, Laser 558 and Atlantis etc, then you will enjoy listening to our station.

0ffshore Music Radio is licensed through Loudcity and broadcasts from 128k stereo high fidelity (hi fi) audio streams down to 24k mono audio streams. 
Some shows with English Presenters, who seem very knowledgeable about the tunes they play, other than pretending they are pirate deejays.  Some professional jingles as well.  Back to Back music is in a higher ratio than deejays on air.

Single of the week

KT Tunstall with her latest single- weirdo – It was played on Chris Evans show on Friday, I went downstairs and the tune was played on Breakfast TV and then she was interviewed in the studio.  Reminds me of the Paul Simon song I identify with “Still crazy after all these years!.

Album of the week

This album has the group’s greatest songs on it, plus a few tracks that influenced their music.  See under Good television programmes for more on this album, based on a film released in 2010

Good television Programmes

Coronation Street, when Ken met up with his long lost son Lawrence.  They looked alike and even replied to Deirdrie together at the same time.  The twist is the actor who play’s Ken’s son – is his son!

Oil City Confidential BBC 4

A splendid 1.5 hour film documentary about the group Dr Feelgood.  Cut into the narration by the group themselves was a lovely old film of a bank robbery, train robbery and fights in black and white.
More about it on the BBC Site and for a while a chance to see it on BBC player.



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