Wireless Waffler Awards of the Week

Radio Station of the week
Radio Hauraki

Great radio station for rock music, it plays new and old music.  It has a history as well as an offshore radio station
The New Zealand Herald headlines from Saturday April 9th 1966 said it all.

“Pirate Radio Station In Gulf Planned”

The article went on to say.
“A Pirate radio station beaming a programme of popular music to the Auckland Province from a ship beyond the three-mile limit, in the Hauraki Gulf, may begin broadcasting in about six months. A group of young Auckland businessmen say they are adding the finishing touches to their plan to break the monopoly of the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation…..”
It seemed a simple plan at the time. It was a plan that would take almost four years to achieve its ultimate objective, it was a plan that captured the hearts of young New Zealand and it was a plan that would take its instigators on a pirate adventure to hell and back.
Plagued with constant financial problems, the Government and a series of shipwrecks caused by some of the worst storms of the 20th century, the story of Radio Hauraki’s origins remains as compelling today as it was 40 years ago.

Sad news of the week also is the earthquake in Christchurch we wish everyone there all the best and trust their loved ones are safe. We pray that you will never experience destruction like this ever again.   http://www.hauraki.co.nz/

Album of the week

Fleetwood Mac “The Dance

I have copied the track listings from Wikipedia and left the links in so you can visit entries in Wikipedia in this.

There was a good documentary about the group, who had a rocky lifestyle relationship wise, but produced a magnificent output of songs.  The Dance is a best of, and a masterpiece
  1. The Chain” (Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie, John McVie, Stevie Nicks) – 5:11
  2. Dreams” (Nicks) – 4:39
  3. “Everywhere” (C. McVie) – 3:28
  4. Rhiannon” (Nicks) – 6:48
  5. “I’m So Afraid” (Buckingham) – 7:45
  6. “Temporary One” (C. McVie, Quintela) – 4:00
  7. “Bleed to Love Her” (Buckingham) – 3:27
  8. Big Love” (Buckingham) – 3:06
  9. Landslide” (Nicks) – 4:28
  10. “Say You Love Me” (C. McVie) – 5:00
  11. “My Little Demon” (Buckingham) – 3:33
  12. Silver Springs” (Nicks) – 5:41
  13. You Make Loving Fun” (C. McVie) – 3:50
  14. “Sweet Girl” (Nicks) – 3:19
  15. Go Your Own Way” (Buckingham) – 5:00
  16. Tusk” (Buckingham) – 4:22
  17. Don’t Stop” (C. McVie) – 5:31
Single of the week

Trouble by Lyndsey Buckingham – one of his solo songs with Stevie Nicks on backing vocals, a song my wife introduced me to some years ago.

Best television of the week

Young dumb and living off Mum

The final episode in the series.  This involve the three finalists doing a do it yourself makeover for a young person’s flat. The chap with the hair sticking up won a trip round the world. How does the BBC afford to give such a generous prize? 

Best of the week:

Arrival on Thursday of our latest foster rabbit.  Abbot is his name, and according to the RSPCA a young lady tried to smuggle him into a home for young people.  I cannot blame her he is lovely, a little big jumpy when first picked up, but loves attention.

 Also amused to find this window display in my local chemist.  If this chap falls over he will bounce back!

Also discovering Skype! I knew it was there but never felt the need to try it.  It works a treat and saves money on phone calls.  If you want to send me a message on it please do so at wirelesswaffler London.   I cannot guarantee a reply but if you are interesting in radio and do not wish to email their is a message service there/

Gripes of the week

I decided to cash in my bonuses from Virgin Mobile and upgrade my PAYG phone.  I decided to buy an Alcatel phone – Virgin call it by a different number but they send you an Alcatel 606 phone.  It plays music well, it also takes basic pictures like the one above.  Unfortunately when I first got it I could dial numbers but nobody could hear me.  I was determined not to get a reputation as a silent caller!   I found in the end that an option for call forwarding was switched on, I was not aware I had done that.  Since that there has been intermittent failures on the phone when dialing up Virgin on their 789 service line.  The 0 button does not seem to register when following menu. Instructions.  The FM radio is good and sensitive and also has RDS on it.  The radio recorder and voice recorder is very low level which is a pity.  Virgin are supposed to be sending me a replacement.  Having said that it has features rarely found on a £39.99 phone, and I would be happy if it worked properly.   I must have wasted a good 2-3 pounds making silent calls, and Virgin state they do not refund!

Nicorandil 10mg Tablets, prescribed for my by Harefield Hospital which make my angina go away.  A side effect is headaches at first.  I have had headaches for almost two weeks now.

Hillingdon Council’s poor response to my online complaint about two black bags dumped near my house before the Bank Holiday.  They are still there – and on a list for their investigators!


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