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Mercia video goes worldwide

28 Aug 2010
Coventry station Mercia has produced a video which has gone viral worldwide on YouTube.

Rick continues to roll on Magic

27 Aug 2010
Following a summer of Sunday programmes, pop singer Rick Astley has signed a new contract with Magic 105.4.

PURE offers sub-£40 DAB radio

26 Aug 2010
A new DAB radio set has been launched by PURE for under £40, called the Siesta Mi.

Gaydio does Manchester Pride

26 Aug 2010
Manchester’s Gaydio is pulling out all the stops to cover this weekend’s Manchester Pride Festival.

McFly’s coffee damages studio

26 Aug 2010
Real Radio Scotland claim Danny Jones of McFly has caused £10K of damage to a studio. 
The band were visiting to promote their new single ‘Party Girl’ when a drink was knocked over into a mixing desk. Mid-morning presenter Paul Harper allowed Danny to have a drink during the recording, despite a no-liquid in studios rule at the station.

Paul said” “I couldn’t believe it when the coffee fell into the desk, Danny started shouting to the other guys, ‘Someone get your T-shirt off and mop it!’ He also broke his 3GS iPhone in the commotion. Poor Danny was very apologetic and I’m sure he felt pretty bad about what happened.”

Harper posted a video of the aftermath on YouTube. In the clip, Tom Fletcher jokes that Jones is “notorious” for spilling his drinks.

Real Radio Scotland claim the damage to their studio and Clyde Eclipse desk is to the value of £10,000.

BBC gives more to the indies

25 Aug 2010
Independent radio producers to get more commissions from the BBC, thanks to a BBC Trust decision.

Station breaks sponsorship code

25 Aug 2010
A community radio station has been found in breech of its licence for breaking Ofcom sponsorship rules.

Viewpoint: Bauer’s Steve Parkinson

25 Aug 2010
Our regular viewpoint feature, firist published in eRADIO, and re-produced here on Radio Today for maximum audience.

Students go on-air with GMG

25 Aug 2010
GMG North West has teamed up with community station Bolton FM, to give new talent the chance to get on FM radio.

Absolute closes digital dabbl

25 Aug 2010
Absolute Radio’s experimental radio station dabbl has ceased broadcasting – for now.

From Media Network

Mysterious Russian ‘buzzer’ radio broadcast changes

The output of Russian number station UVB-76 has increased dramatically over the past week or so. The station, which broadcasts from near Povarovo [on 4625 kHz AM with suppressed lower sideband], is known as “The Buzzer” by its listeners because of the short, monotonous buzz tone that it normally plays 21 to 34 times per minute. It’s only deviated from that signal three times previously – briefly in 1997, 2002 and 2006.
In early August, a garbled recording of a voice speaking Russian was heard by listeners. A few days later, on 23 August at 13:35 UTC, a clearer voice read out the following message twice: “UVB-76, UVB-76 — 93 882 naimina 74 14 35 74 — 9 3 8 8 2 nikolai, anna, ivan, michail, ivan, nikolai, anna, 7, 4, 1, 4, 3, 5, 7, 4″, before returning to its normal broadcasting.
Since then, a number of other distorted voices have appeared over the normal buzzing transmission, as well as knocks and shuffles, as if someone were moving things around inside the broadcasting room. It’s believed that the transmission site has an open microphone, which occasionally picks up sounds from technicians working within the broadcast site.

From Waveguide site

The BBC will be covering all the key events of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Britain from September 16 to 19 across TV, radio and online.
On television, the live events will be anchored by Huw Edwards with Edward Stourton acting as the host for BBC Radio.

Presenters and specialists accompany Edwards in each location to provide expert advice on the significance of each of the ceremonies. These include Monsignor Mark Langham, who now works for the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and was the former administrator of Westminster Cathedral; Monsignor Rod Strange, rector of the Pontifical Beda College in Rome; and the Anglican Bishop of Gibraltar, the Right Reverend Geoffrey Rowell.

BBC Television’s special live programmes begin on BBC One Daytime on Thursday September 16 with The Pope’s arrival and Official State Greeting by Her Majesty The Queen in Edinburgh. This is followed later in the day on BBC Two with a live broadcast of Pope Benedict’s first celebration of Mass in Britain at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow, with Sally Magnusson leading the commentary. 

The BBC’s director general Mark Thompson tonight warned that next year’s licence fee negotiations will be a “moment of realism” for the corporation.

But, he said, any loss of funding would permanently damage the UK’s capacity to create television programmes.

In his MacTaggart speech delivered in Edinburgh, Thompson also said that Sky should invest more in homegrown TV, which would be “good for the public”.

Last year’s speech saw Sky boss James Murdoch identify the BBC as a threat.

Thompson responded to these criticisms, saying Sky was on its way to becoming “the most dominant force in broadcast media in this country”.

He suggested that the broadcaster was not doing enough to produce its own original content.

“It’s time that Sky pulled its weight… its investment in original British content is just not enough,” he told an audience at the Edinburgh International Television Festival.

Thompson added that going head-to-head in this area would also be “good for the BBC and good for the industry,” and make up a potential shortfall in the UK’s programme-making capacity.

ITV and Channel 4, he said, would need to remain strong to contribute to making “great British television”.

“The total pot of money available to invest in original TV production is shrinking, and unless something changes, may shrink further.”

He emphasised that the UK’s broadcasters would have to “break the habit of a lifetime and actually work together”.

The director general also said that making the licence fee work meant the BBC would “have to become leaner than it’s ever been before”.

The BBC remained committed to reducing the management bill, he continued, promising “simpler structures, fewer layers, fewer management boards”.

He added that such reductions would enable the BBC to invest more in its core strength – making original programmes.

Mr Thompson said that “radical and rapid” change would be necessary at the corporation in the coming years.

A BBC should be “fit and ready for this new world” and “do all it can to help the whole industry thrive,” he concluded.  

Simon Bates, currently morning presenter on Classic FM, is joining the new national Smooth Radio service to host breakfast.

Bates said: �I have had a very enjoyable and happy time at Classic FM and I leave with great affection for the station and people who work there and all at Global. I am now very much looking forward to joining the new national Smooth Radio.�

The presenter will join a new national line-up of Mark Goodier, Dave Lincoln, Carlos and Andy Peebles. The new station launches on October 4 but until Bates is available in January, Lynn Parsons will cover the show.

Mark Goodier remains on mid-mornings, followed by Dave Lincoln in the afternoon who currently hosts the mid-morning show in the North West

Carlos from Smooth Radio West Midlands takes up the drivetime slot and Andy Peebles remains on evenings till midnight.

GMG Radio announced in June that its Smooth brand was to become a national station, broadcasting across the UK on digital radio, Sky, Freeview and Freesat and on its five regional FM services across England. Its Smooth station in Glasgow will continue to carry local programming in key day parts for 7 hours a day.

GMG Radio�s Group Programme Director John Simons said: �We are delighted that Simon Bates will be joining the station in the New Year. He was part of our audience�s youth and his warm style of broadcasting will no doubt be a great draw for listeners. Smooth Radio is all about the music and we will arguably have the most knowledgeable line-up of popular music broadcasters on the commercial airwaves.�


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