Wireless Waffler’s awards of the week

Radio Station of the week

KEDB – from Chariton IA USA
Scott Shannon’s true oldies channel puts out some good back to back oldies with adverts and talk – well worth a listen


Best TV programmes of the week

QI – especially for the item on the bearded lady – which according to the show was a bear with a shaved face in a dress in 19th century fairgrounds.  I had a quick search and could not substantiate this!

Secret Tourists BBC
Yet more scams exposed.  Underage use of jet skis, and flagrant avoidance of safety procedures.  A hotel in Egypt which should be given a wide birth on health and safety issues. 

Album of the week

Reggae in Your Jeggae – 

A CD I bought in Mr CD in Berwick Street about ten years ago second hand.  Some cracking reggae tunes and some fantastic instrumentals.  The stand out instrumental as far as I am concerned is  Running Wild by the Witch Doctors – superb organ and drums on that one!

Click here to buy it on Amazon (no commission for me on this one!)

1. Move Your Mule – Livingstone, Dandy
2. Lee’s Farewell – Brother Dan Allstars
3. Love Me Tonight – Audrey (1)
4. Lead Them – Riley, Desmond
5. Tear Them – Riley, Desmond
6. Running Wild – Music Doctors
7. You’ll Lose A Good Thing – Audrey (1)
8. Run Come Have Fun – Livingstone, Dandy
9. Trial Of Pama Dice – Dice, Lloyd
10. Funky Chicken – Winston Groovy
11. Cutting Blade – King Horror
12. Song Bird – Lydon, John
13. Reggae In Your Jeggae – Livingstone, Dandy
14. Red Red Wine – Tribe, Tony
15. Night Train – Binns, Sonny & The Rudies
16. Soulful – Big L
17. Peace And Love – Greyhound (1)
18. Down We Go – Barry, Al
19. Dawn Patrol – Itals
20. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep – King, Josh
21. Remember Those Days – Rondo, Gene
22. Somebody’s Baby – Little Des
23. Don’t Believe Him Donna – Lynch, Johnny
24. Girl You Rock My Soul – Bryan, Rad
25. Baby Don’t Wake Me – Davis, Del
26. Bewildered – Millar, Count Prince
27. Jamaica – Honey Boy
28. Back A Yard – Deltones (1)

Single of the week

Florence and the machine with You’ve Got the Love.  Sexy song by a lovely young lady!  

Photograph of the week
 A hibiscus bloom, the first on a shrub in my garden

Fail of the week

Best thing to happen this week:

Well last week actually – found a dead rat when I moved our umbrella stand off the grass in the garden.   No more visiting rat in the garden.  Seems to be an August thing!

Actually got to clean the windows outside and in.  Wife not happy with me using a ladder, tried cleaner on a stick for upstairs, waste of money!  Back to using the ladders now and results much better.

Worst thing to happen this week :

Hoover Bags I ordered on ebay do not fit.  Ordered incorrect product, my error.  Seller tells me to open them up and try to fit.  Obvious the cardboard mount was too small, but he insists I open up a packet and try it in machine.  Doesn’t fit, seller says return for refund. I apologise for my mistake, he said not to say sorry he did not know what machine I owned! He spelt apologise apologaise!

Orange juice pack oozing orange juice all over fridge and needed to be cleaned up, very sticky.  Also can of ginger beer was almost at point of exploding, had been pushed to back of fridge on the freezing elements.


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