Wireless Waffle Awards of the Week

Best Radio Station of the week

dabbl – on dab 3 in London. Another chop off the Absolute radio stable, but back to back Rock music at present – their website drives the station.  Listeners can view the station’s playlist, and vote for a track, then the most popular tracks are aired. There is streaming information on the internet.

Best Television this week

Coronation Street for the episode where Colin Fishwick dies and Charlotte and John Stape’s attempts to get him back to his bedsit.  Charlotte pushed Colin, who had previously received a beating by a husband of his lover.  He collapsed and died in John’s house.  They get him out in a roll of carpet and then into the factory and an empty pit.  Next day this is filled up with concrete.  Why do soap operas need to go so far with their plots!
Countrywide Programme on ITV, with feature on the New Forest.  Also liked the piece about the lady who carves statues out of sandstone etc.  Some great pieces of art there.  Marvellous though how 30 minutes of TV on ITV ends up as 23 minutes on the ITV player on Virgin Media!

Pet shop Boys at Glastonbury on BBC4, great concert and music, forgot how good they were!

Album of the week

Katie Melua “The House” some really great new songs from her and this is the first of her albums not produced with Mike Batt  http://www.amazon.co.uk/House-Katie-Melua/dp/B003AXNSNU

Single of the week

Macarthur Park by Richard Harris  

Best thing this week

Finding another cherry bush near to our swimming pool, finding a few overhanging pears at the top of my High Street!

Highlights of the week

The RSPCA finding a home for Imogen and Enigma, our foster rabbits for under 2 weeks and the arrival of a lop eared rabbit called Flopsy!  She is a lovely large rabbit, a little hard to handle at first but so soft!

Gripe of the week

The bush on one of our local lanes which when wet smells of dogs mess! 

That rat that keeps visiting our garden, who is now partial to some rentokil pellets and may soon succumb to the poison.  Poundstar in Pinner for selling some absolutely useless Rat Traps which are missing a part and allow a rat and mouse to eat the bait and escape without triggering them!

Ebay have an annoying pop up which demands your postcode when you are browsing.  I have a full ebay account but do not always want to log in.  One way out this is to change the number of listed items to 100 or 200
This is what the blighter looks like!  This must put casual browsers right off reading our adverts on ebay.  I sent them an email about this about a month ago and never got a reply about it!

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