Wireless Waffle Awards of the Week

Wireless Waffle Awards of the Week
Best Radio Station for Music
KDSK for music from 50s, 60, 70s and 80s, also they play jingles which come from same packages that Radio London used on 266 mtrs in the sixties.  Good news on the half hour.
Best Television Shows
Mitchell and Webb – good show but some items have been overdone in this series and it does not seem to move as well as past shows.  Love the spoof adverts for Didilididil (or something like that)  The interview in the cramped office was side splitting fun!
Secret Tourist – with some revealing scams pulled by crooks in hotels. Look out for someone standing near the reception desk when you arrive.  In the case they re-created a girl reading a paper took a note of their room number when they were given their key on checking in.  A short while after the girl and two accomplices change into uniform and wear badges to say who they are.  In the case of the girl “receptionist”.  The bogus receptionist come to room with a chap dressed as plumber, and says that there is a problem with the water on the floor and they need to test the taps in their bathroom.  The other chap hovers outside with a laundry basket on wheels.  The plumber asks the occupant/s to turn on the taps and leave them running.  Whilst he has created a distraction, he then opens the door, and lets in an accomplice who rummages through stuff in the room, and then passes it out to the accomplice in the corridor who pops the stolen property in the laundry basket and wheels it away.  A very elaborate scam, people do not seem to query people in uniform.  Also in the first half an hour of arrival, people normally unpack on to the bed, making theft easier.
Also there were warnings about going to doctors abroad with common ailments, in worse case scenarios expensive injections and drugs are issued at exorbitant cost, when none are needed.

Small Teen, Big World  A very touching documentary featuring a sixteen year old and her mother, both with a rare form of dwarfism.  

Great Film Of Week

Spiderman 2 – Super story line, with stacks of light and shade in the story.  Dr Ock with his extra robotic arms is a magnificent piece of special effects, as is Spiderman’s flying.
The actor who played Dr Ock was coincidentally on the One Show this week.

As you may gather the films selected for this section are mainly from older dvds.  I do not go to the cinema, I hate the shuffling and chatting of other people etc. 

My top album listening of the week

Diana and Marvin

Great song duets by Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye 

Awards of the week
To Goldstone Books for being so understanding when I ordered a copy of the QI Annual that I discovered I already had.  An example of a true senior moment!  They agreed to credit the cost of the annual and even send the book back post free.  I have since managed to find two books I want on radio.  They sell a lot of books for only £1 each and postage for all is at a standard £1.65 as far as I can determine.  Visit them on ebay (their main site is up but undergoing a rewrite).
Tell them that Keith the Wireless Waffler sent you there!
To the cherry tree which is still yielding more!
To Cinnamon Square in Rickmansworth for superb Cinammon Squares and coffee -well worth a visit
Their website is a bit jumbled up at present, but I also understand there is a branch in Ruislip too.

Gripe of the week
 Nothing that I can recollect – is this a record!

No I am wrong!  
I saw a badly squashed cucumber in the road on Friday.  It was wrapped in a plastic wrapper.  Those plastic wrappers around cucumbers in supermarkets are difficult to remove and these annoy me!


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