Wireless Waffle Awards of the week

This week’s awards

Best Radio Show 

Steve Allen Show LBC especially the technical expert on Sunday

Best Television Shows 

Jimmy with his documentary on Chickens (frightening birds but well produced and entertaining)

Top Gear for the camper van comedy skit!

IT crowd on Friday -best episode so far of the series.

My Top Album listening of the week

Desmond Dekker “The original Rude Boy”

1 King Of Ska 2:46
2 Honour Your Father And Mother 2:26
3 Get Up Edina 2:43
4 Rude Boy Train 2:20
5 007 (Shanty Town) 2:31
6 Israelites 2:34
7 Mother’S Young Girl 3:03
8 Music Like Dirt 2:48
9 It Mek 2:23
10 Pickney Gal 2:53
11 You Can Get It If You Really Want 2:40
12 Hippopotamus 2:52
13 Big Headed (Dub Mix) 4:14
14 Young Generation 3:29
15 Carry Go Bring Come 2:55
16 King Of Ska ’93 2:52
Total Time: 45:28

My top single of the week

“Don’t stick stickers on my paper knickers” by Katrina
(A great novelty tune from the 70s)

 Awards of the week

The cherry tree by the swimming pool which has lovely cherries that you can pick and eat.  

Princes and Lidl for having packs of concentrated juice with proper pourers on them.  Most annoying when others are poured and they slop all over the place.

The lovely cooling winds of the last few days.

Gripes of the week

Ebay for failing to sell anything I put on it this week and last.

Rumours that the Freedom Pass age eligibility will shift from the atrocious 61 imposed by Labour to 65.

Graffiti on windows in our swimming pool

The bus shelter that has been shifted near the swimming pool by Hillingdon Council.  The seats are far too high, and even people with long legs can swing them.  Council say it is J C Decaux and they say it is the Council.


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A radio enthusiast from the UK - but also includes humour and comments on a wide variety of subjects including music and photos. A hobby site

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