Red Sands Radio is Back 3rd July!

I am very happy to cut and paste details of Bob Le Roi’s RSL from the Red Sands Fort – I know that Bob and his colleagues will serve up splendid radio yet again – ROCK ON LADS !


Red Sands Radio 2010 Broadcast is from 3 July to 30 July
Twitter on Red Sands Radio

  Red Sands WW II Army Forts in the Thames Estuary of the coast of Whitstable

The highly successful Red Sands Radio will be broadcasting again in 2010 for its fourth year. We will be broadcasting from Whitstable Harbour commencing 3rd July until 30th July 2010.
Run by professional broadcasters the station is unique in that it’s totally ‘LOCAL’  on 87.7 fm but we will also have listeners from countries all over the world who can listen to Red Sands Radio online via this website. See Where in the World
We focus on the Coastal Towns of Whitstable & Herne Bay, providing detailed and relevant travel, with What’s going on? local service information and guests from the ‘Local Community’ 
Red Sands Radio sensitively plays ‘The Best of Yesterday & Today’ not a rotation of the same tired 200 songs heard elsewhere. Mixed with unsigned talented local musicians & our popular ‘Solid Gold Sundays’.
In 2009  Red Sands Radio attracted 1000’s of ‘Local’ terrestrial listeners and were heard extensively throughout the Coastal Towns. Astoundingly our website recorded 475,119 hits with 12,340 visitors listening and viewing 114,219 pages from 30 countries worldwide. See Where In the World for this years list!
Many thanks for your support
Red Sands Radio is a great way to let people know you support the ‘Local Community’ See ShopWatch for local shops and Businesses that support Red Sands Radio
You can also support Red Sands Radio by advertising with us 

We will be broadcasting from Onshore this year as landing platform on the the redsand Fort (as shown in the picture below) is yet to be repaired.

  Reds Sands Forts in the Thames Estuary

Please support the 2010 advertisers and sponsors of Red Sands Radio by visiting the websites listed below
Bob Le-Roi – Founder & Programme Director, Red Sands Radio
CHECK OUT What’s Going On? in Whitstable, Herne Bay Canterbury & Faversham.
Do you remember the days of the pirate radio stations with names like Radio Caroline, Radio City, Radio 390? RED SANDS RADIO IS NOT A PIRATE RADIO STATION BUT A LOCAL COMMUNITY STATION WHICH IS SUPPORTED BY OUR SPONSORS.
We Pay OFCOM  a fee for a Restricted Service License(RSL) which permits us to broadcast locally for a limited time.
We also pay  a fee to the Performing Rights Society for the music we play and a fee to the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society for the music we use in our Audio productions.
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Canterbury City Council

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Canterbury City Council Official 2010 Sponsor of Red Sands Radio 87.7 FM

A BIG THANK YOU goes to Chris West, Coastal Towns Manager, Canterbury City Council and of course Canterbury City Council for their support of the Red Sands Radio Station.

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