A Sixties Bush Radio and the Hans Knot Offshore Newsletter

I have omitted so far to recommend a jolly good read each month, which will come direct to your email box if  you desire. Send an email to HKnot@home.nl to get a monthly copy.  Also you are welcome to send your own thoughts and information and pictures to this splending newsletter.  It is sometimes too large to view in one reading session, a mini book.  Hans Knot is a respected offshore archivist, author of many books, and operates from Holland.

The part of the July newsletter that grabbed my attention was this Bush Radio which has Radio Caroline on the dial.  One of my friends in Felixstowe has a Caroline Radio and I must look a picture of that out and post it here one day.

Here is the mention

Then time for an original letter, which I found in my postbox. It is written by Leen van Oeveren from Alphen aan de Rijn in the Netherlands. He tells me that he has a portable Bush Radio Type TR 132, which only works when using batteries. He bought it on a second hand market in 1987 for the price of 40 guilders and is proud that the AM scale has Radio Caroline on ‘on 199’.

The radio has three wave bands, Long Wave 1100 up till 1800 meters, the AM from 200 to 500 meters and the third one is also for reception of AM signals, that’s from 185 up till 210 meters. Also Leen added a beautiful photo which he too way back in 1971 in the harbour of Scheveningen. He added at the end of his letter that after all this years he still is a offshore fanatic. Well Leen, thanks for sharing it with us. If you have also a special radio, please send me a photograph together with your memories to HKnot@home.nl

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