A new feature – This week’s awards

I thought that I would start off a new feature.  I may increase change, or decrease the number of awards – and occasionally miss a week or so. Let me know if you have any nominations by email to wirelesswaffle@gmail.com

Best Television Programme

Top Gear Sunday 27th – James May driving to edge of the volcano responsible for volcanic cloud which stopped aircraft flying. Jeremy Clarkson for crashing a Reliant Robin so many times and coming out alive

Best Music on TV

Kylie Minogue and Seasick Steve on Jonathan Ross Show, Ray Davies of Kinks at Glastonbury on Sunday 27th

Best Radio Programme 

Archers BBC Radio 4

Main feature 

Heat – the return of Summer

Sporting Highlight 

England winning and losing at football

Most annoying things 

The badly made concentrated juice packs which do not pour properly and spill everywhere.  Sainsbury and Tesco worst offenders.

Cling-wrap end disappearing and spending hours to get a full sheet to pull off again

My shorts and trousers sliding down – possibly due to my paunch that has recently appeared.

Best things

Electric Fans 

Vintage Green Line and London Transport Buses which were giving circular tours in the Uxbridge area today.


Kind act 

Clearing out the water feature and giving the goldfish a better environment to swim in

CD Album

Green Onions by Booker T and the MGs
Ray Davies Choral Album issued in 2009 and performed at Glastonbury today

Mean award 

Goes to the people who left bags of donations outside Barnados in the High Street on Sunday.  Also to the two young children on bikes, who in spite of me warning them it was stealing, rode off with bags of the donations.  Two other people also were telling them to leave the goods


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