Omega Radio Heard by me first on Wednesday 9th June

I was tuning around the dial in the back garden on Wednesday lunch time and came across a station which at first sounded like a BBC local station.  I normally hear BBC Radio Berkshire on 104.1.  Instead coming through loud a clear with a little bit of background noise was Omega.  It had an English news cast taken from either the BBC or IRN on the hour.  The rest of the output was rather amateur and had the sound of horns blowing periodically, louder than the music.  Amazingly when I moved the set I found that BBC Radio Berkshire, was on instead of Omega.  I managed to get it this morning on a set upstairs, and the broadcast was more professional with music. 

In the station’s own words on their facebook page 

We are a station for all ages bringing to you the best music from all walks of life. Listening to Omega will inspire you to believe in truth, rights, Unity, Equality and justice. We are a station working to stop Gun and Knife Crime in and around Our community, We have live discussions and debates on issues in and around the capital or of issues we as people need to recognise and deal with as a whole. Bridging the gap in our community to help us help you to help the youth help themselves by one voice speaking out, that is OMEGA 104.1 FM This is a radio station committed to the community we live in and the people who form that community, we are also a station devoted to getting the message out to the youth that gun and knife crime is not the way forward.
The station is a Caribbean Station and perhaps not licenced to broadcast.  I wonder if it is legal, or a threat to BBC Radio Berkshire’s output.  Needless to say it is a station that has interested me and I will keep an ear open for it from time to time.


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