Chesham Carnival

We visited Chesham on Saturday, there were no trains running so we went on the rail replacement bus.  A man told us that it was due to the Chesham Carnival that was on today.  We managed to see the carnival and I am including some videos and photos of the event. This once again shows how England and the UK villages have special events for their inhabitants, and others who may chose to attend from outside that area.

From the Chesham Carnival Site here is a short history of the Carnival – sadly we missed the procession but caught the full proceedings in the park

Chesham is a small but thriving market town in Buckinghamshire, England.

In its current form, Chesham Carnival (also known as Schools of Chesham Carnival) began in 1973. It was run then, as now, by a small committee of local people. Some are representatives from Chesham’s schools, or local businesspeople, or simply those who want to give something back to their community.

It takes place every year, usually in June. The parade usually begins in Ashridge Road and ends in Chesham’s beautiful Lowndes Park with stalls, games and fun for all the family.

The Carnival was first mooted to raise money for Chesham’s schools, and this tradition has continued today, with all profits being divided up between the primary and secondary schools which take part. Schools are encouraged to create their own floats to a theme given by the Committee, and there is a prize for the best effort. They also run their own stalls in Lowndes Park.
For the last five years the Carnival has been generously sponsored by Newtown Garage, Chesham, and also raises funds by selling advertising from local businesses.

Before the show started off the presenters from Mix 96 the local station who were hosting it lead a dance competition to the Macarena – here is a video shot by me of proceedings at a distance

The show in the Park Started off with the local girls band playing and marching in the area. I have included a video for you to watch if you are interested.  There was also a fly past over the arena whilst they were on, I have enclosed some shots of this as well.

Next followed some African Drumming, here is a video of this in progress.  It seemed to frighten a baby in the crowd who was wailing during part of the performance.  I don’t think it is captured in this clip

When we were about to leave another arena which had a group and also a disco playing, sponsored by a local taxi company caught our eye.  Enjoy the sight of these ladies showing us how to dance!

Here are some pictures taken by me at the event including the flypast which came over whilst the girls were marching in the arena

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Photo SharingVideo SharingPhoto Printing

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 The local radio station provided the music and commentary at the event and to find out more about them visit their website                   


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