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Zanu (PF) supporters and self-styled war veterans are reportedly moving
door-to-door in the district of Buhera in Zimbabwe, in an effort to prevent
people listening to foreign radio broadcasts by confiscating their radios. The
people from Buhera said the move was to force people not to listen to the radio
reports on constitution making process that is expected to begin next week.

An MDC T councillor Tapiwa Ngorima said: “All those listening to radio stations
broadcasting from outside the country are being told they will be identified,
because they are accused of influencing others to support the MDC in the area.”

He said there were some incidents reported to police in Buhera but there have
been no arrests made so far. “We have cases where our supporters lost their
radios after the Zanu (PF) and war veterans accused them of listening to Studio
7.(Studio 7 is broadcast by the Voice of America.) Their radios were forcibly
confiscated. We have made reports to the police in Buhera but nothing was done
to bring the perpetrators to book,” said the councillor.

On Tues-Fri this week we have been broadcasting a special relay of a popular
Dutch domestic network Radio 2 programme from NCRV on 5910 kHz at 1500-1700
UTC towards the French Alps. The programme is called Knooppunt Kranenbarg.
This week it includes reports from Alpe d’HuZes in France where famous Dutch
people are climbing the best-known mountain in the Tour de France to raise
money for the fight against cancer. Technical arrangements have been made by
RNW as follows:

Station: Rampisham
Dates: Tuesday 1 June – Friday 4 June (four days)
Time: 1500-1700 UTC
Frequency: 5910 kHz
Power: 500 kW
Azimuth: 140 degrees
(Source: RNW Programme Distribution)

Media Network newsletter 3 June
Sounds of Your Life
The history of Independent Radio in the UK
Tony Stoller.
Sounds of Your Life is the first comprehensive telling of the stories and the
histories of Independent Radio. Its author, Tony Stoller, was a major figure in
the medium. He has had unique access to the people who made and unmade the
system, and to the formal and informal archives which cover over 30 lively
years. The book is a substantial and substantive history, which illustrates the
way in which Britain moved from a social to a market economy, while telling the
tales of the people and the processes of Independent Radio as it touched its
tens of millions of lsteners up and down the country.

Courtesy (with further information from

Fans of historical Dutch chart programmes may be interested in the
following line-up from new Dutch internet station Radio Extra Gold NL.

Veronica fans will be aware of the “Nationale Zaterdagmiddag
Gebeurtenis” (National Saturday Afternoon Event) which was the name
given to programming on Saturday afternoons, which consisted of
Veronica’s Top 40 and Tipparade programmes.

Radio Extra Gold NL are paying homage to what was a national institution
in the Netherlands on Saturday afternoons by holding their “Historische
Zaterdagmiddag Gebeurtenis” (Historic Saturday Afternoon Event) between
1300 and 1800 CET (1200-1700 UK Time)..

On Saturday 5th June, between 1300 and 1600 CET (1200-1500 UK time),
Ferry Eden presents the Veronica Top 40 from 12 June 1982, complete with
original jingles. Following this, between 1600-1800 CET (1500-1700 UK
time), Bert van der Laan presents the Veronica Tipparade from the same
date. Finally, from 1800-1900 CET (1700-1800 UK time) Rob van Wezel
presents “Rob Non-Stop”, featuring non-stop music from the best of the
Top 40 from 6th May 1972.

To listen online, go to the station’s website
and click on the “Luister” link

Panjab Radio leaves Digital 1
National Asian service Panjab Radio is to cease transmissions on the nation DAB platform Digital 1.

The station, which has been broadcasting nationally for less than six months, will continue to air on regional multiplexes in London, West Yorkshire and the West Midlands.

The news was confirmed on Biz Asia, which says the station’s last day on Digital 1 will be May 31st. It will continue on Sky Digital.

“The main reason for the change in direction is down to high costs in broadcasting on national digital radio and low commercial returns to sustain the service.” Biz Asia says.

It’s the second station in as many weeks to leave DAB, with Bauer’s Q Radio disappearing from its London multiplex on May 21st.

Independent digital station Planet Rock has hired a new Managing Director.

Jonathan Arendt, the founder of marketing and research agency Hallett Arendt will take on the position from June 7th. He has previously been a director of LBC, XFM and NME Radio.

Malcolm Bluemel CEO of Planet Rock said “This is a really exciting time for Planet Rock. With digital radio coming of age it’s important that the UK’s foremost digital station has the team it needs to take best advantage of the inexorable move to digital. Jonathan comes to us with invaluable experience in radio at the highest level and we are very fortunate that he has joined us.”

Jonathan Arendt said “This is a unique opportunity to join a station that has led the way in digital. Planet Rock’s growth continues with listening up by 45 per cent over the last year. I am really looking forward to working with Malcolm and his exceptional team in continuing to take the station forward in both audience and commercial terms”.

Smooth request format change
Smooth Radio London and North West have made a new request to drop jazz requirements.

GMG Radio proposes to drop the 45 hours a week of jazz music and replace it with 12 hours of specialist music programmes, falling before midnight on weekdays and in the afternoon at weekends.

The character of service would change from:


to a new description of:


The two stations launched as Jazz FM in the 90’s and were both aquired by GMG Radio back in 2002. Two years later, Ofcom agreed to relax the requirement for jazz music programming in daytimes but increased the requirement to 45 hours off peak.

In 2005 the stations were changed to the Smooth brand and jazz is currently played through the night where audiences are at their lowest. A similar format request was rejected by the regulator in 2007 after consultation.

Ofcom has invited written views and comments on the format change request before 5pm on June 25th.


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