In celebration of the 2010 Pinner Fair which took place today

Every year since 1336 Pinner Fair has gone ahead in some capacity. But with running costs in excess of £45,000 the historical family fixture is desperately in danger of being dropped from the calender. Since the 14th Century the fair has been protected by Royal Charter giving organisers the right to run the event on the first Wednesday after May Bank Holiday. However, the Showmen’s Guild, which runs it, are threatening to pull out because it is struggling to stump up the cash – needed to pay for road closures, health and safety checks and the removal of street fittings like bollards and bus stops.  I wrote this last year when I took photos and posted them on Pictures of England.  I have linked to my own copyright pictures taken in 2009.  Other than the fact that they removed the bus shelters in Bridge Street Pinner nearly 2 weeks early, I am pleased to report that it went ahead today.  The village was sealed off from traffic and the fair was allowed as usual to fill the streets and pavements. Harrow Council then have the job of clearing up the streets and repairing any damage.  Hillingdon my borough on the other hand other problems, dealing with immigrants and problems that come in and out of Heathrow airport.

The fair as you can see from the photos attracts the young and teenagers.  The music in the 60s was great it was rock and roll and pop, it is the same now except it is contemporary music, which for people like me in the 50s loses the appeal.  Also the fair is still colourful but in a slightly scary style.  Pinner is steeped in history and tradition and long may it continue.  Northwood has lost its annual carnival, and all over Middlesex tradition is being lost.


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