The third thing this Bank Holiday

Some while back I purchased a Kingfisher window cleaning kit. My wife is worried about me climbing ladders and insists that we have a window cleaner.  I am confident with climbing ladders and have been doing this in a non professional status for 39 years.  I have had a heart attack, so that is probably why she worries.

I ordered the cleaning kit on ebay for around £9.  Today was the first day I had tried it. 

Nothing short of disastrous.  The head can fall off the pole, and also the soft pad cleans the window.  The rubber wiper can only be pulled downwards and it leaves a horrible amount of water which ends up as smears on the window.  Granted our house has leaded lights, but even the smooth panes of glass I tried it on ended up like this.

At least I have now had my three bits of bad luck …………………………unless you know differently!


Author: wirelesswaffle

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One thought on “The third thing this Bank Holiday”

  1. I have been offered a refund on this item and am sending it back freepost tomorrow – will report on progress

    Wireless Waffler

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