BBC flashmob protest

Dear wireless waffle,

Yesterday, in cities all over the UK, hundreds of us got together to make sure that BBC bosses everywhere heard our demand to stop the cuts. At 1pm, we gathered outside BBC offices in Glasgow, London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds and Cardiff. We made a noise and made sure our message got through on the last day of the consultation. And at the BBC Trust offices in London, we handed over our huge petition, with nearly 45,000 signatures.

Click to read the blog about our amazing day of flashmobs and see more photos:

Together we’ve made sure the BBC knows what we think of plans to cut vital services, like 6Music, Asian Network and the website. Over 45,000 of us signed the petition, over 25,000 of us sent personal emails to the BBC and thousands more chipped in to pay for our billboard ads outside BBC offices. And our actions got plenty of attention – our campaign got lots of media coverage. [1]

The BBC bosses are expected to announce their decision in late summer. They know how many people don’t want to see important services like 6Music, Asian Network and the website close, but they’ll also be feeling pressure from the BBC’s many enemies in politics and the press. The official “consultation” may have ended, but we need to keep working together to defend the BBC from media barons like Rupert Murdoch, who want to trash it.

38 Degrees members have been coming together to make change happen through people power for a year now (it’s our birthday today!). We’ve proved that if enough of us work together, we can make politicians and big business listen. We’re close to winning our battle to ban secret lobbying. We made sure the Iraq Inquiry happened in public. We pushed Boris Johnson to keep a promise to fund rape crisis centres in London and we stood up for the NHS when a Conservative politician attacked it. If we keep working together to protect the BBC, we can make sure these plans for cuts are dropped.

Come and see the flashmobbers all over the UK and share ideas for what we do next:

Thanks for being involved,

David, Hannah, Johnny, Nina and the 38 Degrees Team



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