Broadcasting London Rebuild as at 21st May 2010

Visitors to the wireless waffle website will have seen pictures of the demolition and building progress in the past few years.

I attended a very interesting seminar organised by the Asperger Foundation at RIBA in Portland Place today -hosted by Wendy Lawson.  During lunch I slipped out to see how work had advanced since my last visit to this part of London.

I was amazed to find that the newsroom area at the front was now open to view.  Also parts of the extension now are lit.  
I will post all the pictures I took here – click on one you wish to view in detail and it will appear enlarged. The first one will explain the building progress to date.

This is one of my favourite all time buildings.  I first saw it in a book called Pop Go the Pirates (think that was the name).  All the pictures in the book were of the offshore stations with the exception of Broadcasting House and the Luxembourg Studios.  I was struck how much like a battleship the building looked.  A revolutionary design to fit the shape of the site available.  The new extensions and additions are equally as adventurous.  It does however amaze me that in these days of security risk that buildings are made of so much glass.  I was pleased to find that I eventually went to work for the BBC, starting off in Marylebone High Street, and then spending 30 years in the old and then Broadcasting House Extension.  I look forward to finally visiting the building when it is finished in 2012.


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2 thoughts on “Broadcasting London Rebuild as at 21st May 2010”

  1. The idea of the building work according to the BBC is to incorporate Bush House, BBC London, 5 live and the Sequence Programmes like Today, World and One together. Bush House will close, Marylebone High Street has closed, as will other BBC Premises. This will save money in renting properties.

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