Correction to this item – it has since been discovered it was a Pepino – not even a courgette as anonymous posted – the blogger apologies for leading you all up the cucumber path!

Many years ago when I launched a site called King of the Net, which was a lighthearted poke at life, I brought up the matter of the humble cucumber.
I cannot make my mind up whether I like or loathe this salad item.  It attracts tones of double entendre attached to it due to its appearance and shape.  One of my work colleagues used to be amused when I arrived back in the office with shopping from Berwick Market.  The cucumber invariably poked out of the top of the plastic carrying bag as I walked in after a lunch time shop.  Once the bag split and the cucumber slithered out across the floor!
I also remember once when I was nearly late to come back from lunch, and I was walking fast past Raymonds Revue Bar with my shopping.  A young lady called out “would you like a ride?”  I was not really concentrating or thinking.  “No thanks I am nearly late for work” I replied.  She was offended that I did not want to use her services and ran up the road after me cursing and swearing.  I pride myself with being able to walk quickly and this time it came in very useful indeed.
Here is a shot taken in a Market in Portugal recently.  What is the lady doing with the cucumber?  Answers in the comments form below.  I wonder if Simon my ex work chum will pass comment?

On closer inspection the stall holder is duelling a leek against the lady with the cucumber!

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