Powerline Networks could finish analogue and digital radio?

 From anorak nation/digital spy

Radio enthusiasts are warning that powerline broadband networks can kill FM and DAB radio reception as well as amateur radio broadcasts.
The new threat comes from ‘gigabit’ powerline networks recently licensed by Ofcom, which use adapters plugged into domestic power sockets to create broadband networks around the home.
The adapters piggyback a radio frequency signal onto the electrical power supply, but most domestic mains power uses unshielded cables which become accidental radio transmitters.
It gets around the limitations of wireless networking, allowing users to move high definition video around the home without installing high speed Ethernet cables.

‘Ham’ radio enthusiasts complained for years that earlier versions of powerline networks interfered with their shortwave radio transmission and reception.
Gigabit powerline uses the same frequencies as FM, DAB and even aviation and business radio, but it was recently licensed by Ofcom, which claims interference is not powerful enough to affect radio reception.
Electrical engineer and radio enthusiast Nigel Coleman demonstrates the interference in a post on YouTube (embedded below).
He adds: “Powerline Telecommunications adapters, of the variety used to distribute TV, broadband, AV and PC networking around the home have a hidden sinister capability which ruins lives.”
Powerline broadband is already used by BT Vision and distributed by companies including Sling Media and Belkin.
It’s also likely to become more popular as companies like Sky and Virgin seek ways to connect their devices to home networks and outgoing broadband.
Article :Tech radar/What satellite


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