Caroline back over the Bank Holiday on 531 Khz

 Thanks to the BDXC club for this information

Radio Caroline will once again be broadcasting live from the Ross Revenge in
Tilbury, Essex this coming weekend including on mediumwave 531 kHz:

May Day Weekend Broadcast
Radio Caroline is back on board the Ross Revenge for a full Bank Holiday
weekend broadcast.

Programmes, live from our radio ship, will get underway at 2 O’clock on
Friday afternoon, April 30th. To see the full schedule just click the link
below. Once again if you live in the south Essex or north Kent area you’ll
be able to tune in on 531kHz AM, but SKY 0199 and our web streams will also
be carrying programmes from the Ross.

We’re going to let you choose some of the music too. Each hour we’ll be
auctioning three classic tracks in “The People’s Choice”. You simply bid to
hear the one you prefer. The track that gets the highest bid will get played
at the end of each hour.


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