Doctor Who back on course as far as the Waffler is concerned

Splendid episode this week with plenty of scene changes.  Magnificent the way that we were expecting the stone statues to come to life at any stage.  Initially Amy Pond the Doctor’s attractive assistant is watching a video that they had all been looking at before.  It gets stuck and repeats on one time frame.  The statue in the picture comes to life and manifests itself in the locked craft.  Dr Who shouts to Amy through a locked door, “do not blink just stare at them”.  Not blinking is very difficult for any human being.  Plenty of clever scenery settings, and the army are the clerics, the church has become the army!  It has not yet finished so we look forward to the story expanding next week.   Thank you to the BBC for such a superb production.


Author: wirelesswaffle

A radio enthusiast from the UK - but also includes humour and comments on a wide variety of subjects including music and photos. A hobby site

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