Good and Bad

Today we were walking back along a road we rarely use.  I saw a lady walking down the road with a dog behind her.  It seemed a little odd that the dog kept turning round and looking back in our direction.  This lady turned the corner and the dog started to trot alongside us.  It got excited when it saw some people getting in a car.  It worried everyone because it was running into the road at times.  We were waiting for a bus and a young girl was also there.  None of us had the confidence to read the collar.  When the bus arrived the dog leapt into the bus, and a girl gave a scream us it tried to jump up on the seat.  Two younger lads took charge and got the dog by the collar, and the young girl rang the owners. They then stopped there and the bus went off.  It is great to see young people taking such a caring role.
A bus driver was told by five lads that they had no Oysters, he made no attempt to stop them boarding and did not call after them.  They had a free bus ride and made a noise on the top deck with their voices and music on a mobile phone.
On another bus earlier in the week our journey was spoilt by a crowd of excited teenagers in a bus.  They were scratching the windows and also using sexual terms like “blow job” c*** etc.  One of the crowd was trying to tell them that their were old and young children on the bus and to keep quiet.  Again the bus driver made no attempt to stop what was happening.
On another occasion a transport policeman made a young chap turn his mobile phone down when playing music. Unfortunately they do not travel on all buses.
The bus drivers in London do a good job, and should not have to police activities like this.  I think that turnstiles need to be put on buses and zero tolerance be applied to stop anti social noise and activities on buses.  I did once here a recorded announcement asking people to keep quiet or get off the bus, and refusing to move until this happened.



Author: wirelesswaffle

A radio enthusiast from the UK - but also includes humour and comments on a wide variety of subjects including music and photos. A hobby site

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