Daft Observations

I surprised myself with a “senior moment” this week at the swimming baths.  I will confide on the world wide web that I came home with wet pants!  I have often dreaded losing my underwear or trousers at the bath.  It occurred when I arrived at the pool with two newspapers.  I use security lockers in the reception, and placed and forgot two newspapers on top of them when locking mine.  I started to change and suddenly realised the papers were not with me.  I put my trunks over my pants and went down to collect this.  On returning I took off my shirt and went for a swim.  It was not until I showered that I realised that I had been for a swim in trunks and underpants.  I did contemplate going home with no pants on, but instead decided it safer to wring out the socking wet underwear and travel home.  It was quite refreshing actually but I did feel a chump.  There you go, I do admit to my eccentricities as well as highlight other peoples.

On some editions of Bargain Hunt on BBC Television this week I noticed that some antique specialists and collectors do strange things with their glasses.   I watch this on demand on Virgin Cable, a superb service.

This man was caught on camera in between action browsing a sale.  Why does he need two pairs of glasses on at once?  Maybe they magnify the object he is looking at?

This expert obviously only needs his glasses for the distance. Instead of taking them off or putting them on top of his head he pushes them up as below

 Finally for this set of observations – we have just received our latest foster rabbit to look after for the RSPCA.  Apparently this lovely lady rabbit is three years old, her name is Stardust.   Her owners children have grown up, but the family have been calling her Alan !



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