Can you imagine his happening in the UK?

This item caught my eye when looking at the media news items at the base of this blog.   Can you imagine how it must feel to have no music to listen to at all?

Islamists order Mogadishu radios to stop playing music

A hardline Somali Islamist group issued a 10-day ultimatum Saturday to Mogadishu-based radio stations to stop playing all kinds of music or face unspecified penalties, an Islamist leader said. The Hezb al-Islam group, which controls patches of the war-riven Somali capital, said playing music on radio stations was evil.
“We call on the local radio stations to stop broadcasting the songs and all music as well. We give them a 10-day deadline and any radio station found not complying with the orders… will face sharia action,” said Moalim Hashi Mohamed Farah, a senior Hezb al-Islam official, referring to Islamic law. “We also issue orders banning the local media from using the word ‘foreigners’ to refer to our Muslim brothers coming from outside the country to help us fight against the enemy of Allah,” he told reporters.
(Source: AFP)
A press release from the National Union of Somail Journalists says:
“This is the first time the media stations in Mogadishu are publicly imposed on such edicts. Six of the eight radio stations under the Hisbul Islam and Al-Shabaab held neighbourhoods of Mogadishu, in which five of them are based in Bakaro will have direct effect of these oppressive edicts.
“Similar edicts has been imposed to the media stations in the southern Somalia regions by Al-Shabaab, causing the journalists to flee or became Al-Shabaab hostages.  This is an indication that the media freedom of Somalia is completely under siege.”


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