Daft observations

I though I would start off a new section of this blog.  There are many things that we see and hear in the street or on the bus and here is my first set of observations. No offence meant to any man, woman child or animal!  If this is you then just feel happy that you have been recognised on the world wide web!

On the bus a lady was sitting down sorting through her purse and she got a fifty pence piece out …….. and stuck it in between her teeth, and held it there until she shut her purse back in her handbag.  If the bus had braked suddenly she would have swallowed the coin!

This morning I was cycling up a hill and saw an elderly lady pushing a shitsu dog down the hill……………. in a brand new looking baby buggy!  Two other shitsu dogs were running behind. 

It is a weird and wonderful world! 



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