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I have been tuning in recently to Absolute 80s on Digital Radio in London.  There is a playlist which does repeat, but it has some varied announcements, which are interspersed in the back to back music.  They are also available on Sky and online at

It also seems that at present Big L on 1395 features a lot of back to back music.  I am a bit confused by the many references to KBC Radio, which of course has been broadcasting Wolfman Jack on shortwave for some time now.

I have said before that I do consider radio stations which have music back to back, as good entertainment, as long as they have some form of appeal to them.  Some internet stations rarely do seem to have more than back to back music, which can be rather tiring.   In the sixties we did not have any stations that played music back to back, possibly with the exception of Workers Playtime, and then of course Britain Radio Offshore with their carousel unit.  Of course we had pirate radio stations offshore with test transmissions full of music.  Caroline was rather fond of playing out Beatles tracks.

In London in 1973 prior to the launch of LBC and Capital there were the amazing ILR test transmissions, with middle of the road music. A chap with a yorkshire accent came on every now and then and said “this is an engineering test transmission for Independent Local Radio in London.

I also remember that GLR from the BBC having test transmissions with Rock Music, quite a treat for Londoners at the time!

Do site visitors have any memories of back to back music  test transmissions, if so please do post some information on the comments section below this posting. Thank you

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