A great video of the Mi Amigo at Sea

Thanks to the Radio Caroline Mailing list for pointing me in the direction of this video. Black and White is still a powerful medium and this film shot in 1967 shows Johnnie Walker at work in the studio.  He was popular with the ladies then, and he looks very handsome here. Come to think of it so did Tony Blackburn then, Tony has aged as we all have of course.
Enjoy the video – I must post some pictures I took in 1995 of the Ross Revenge in Docklands, also at Southend later on. I remember seeing the Mi Amigo and MV Galaxy (Radio London on 266) from Holland on Sea Essex when I visited my grand parents in the 1960s.


Author: wirelesswaffle

A radio enthusiast from the UK - but also includes humour and comments on a wide variety of subjects including music and photos. A hobby site

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