Be fair on people with Asperger Syndrome

Don’t Write Me Off is our major, new UK-wide campaign to make sure that the benefit system works for people with autism, both supporting those who cannot work and helping those who want to work into employment. 
Visit to read our campaign report and people’s real-life stories about applying for benefits and finding work, and to watch our campaign DVD.

Asperger syndrome is the brighter end of the spectrum, but presents social problems, and sensitivity to sound and smells and textures amongst many other aspects.

People’s experiences of work and benefits

Don’t Write Me Off is about the real-life stories of people with autism, as they struggle to find work and achieve financial independence. But it also explores the simple solutions that could be put in place to make sure people with autism can live with dignity and fulfil their individual potential.
We followed a group of people with autism as they applied for Employment and Support Allowance (the new benefit for people who may find it harder to get a job because of their disability), and asked about their experiences of work and applying for benefits. The stark reality for people with autism is apparent:
  • just 15% have a full-time job
  • one-third are currently without a job or access to benefits
  • 79% of those on Incapacity Benefit want to work.
For the system to work for people with autism and the Government to deliver on its commitment that no one should be ‘written off’, adults with autism need:
  • Employment and Support Allowance to work for them
  • Jobcentre Plus staff to understand and meet their needs
  • a national strategy to transform access to employment.

Take action

The Government must act now to make sure that the benefit system works for the people it is supposed to support. MPs can help us to persuade the Government to make these changes. Ask your MP to support Don’t Write Me Off.

You can make a difference by sending your MP an email telling them why the campaign is so important. The greater the pressure we can apply, the greater the chance of success. Email your MP today.

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