Death of a community voice

I was sorry to read on the British DX Club news service that a community station I have heard when on holiday a few years back.  Thanks to David Thorpe for this information
With great sadness, Forest of Dean Community Radio makes the following

Forest of Dean Community Radio will cease broadcasting at midnight on 31st
December 2009. This decision has been taken by the management group after a
review of the funding and other resources available to the project.

This brings to an end almost 14 years of community broadcasting in the
Forest, over half of which has been as a full-time Community Radio Station.

Radio “for the people, by the people” was first broadcast in the Forest via
a series of 16 short-term projects starting in 1995 which aired for a few
days in each of the Forest towns, usually to coincide with a festival or
event. As the new millennium arrived the Forest project was accepted as the
only rural station in Government trials set up to test the concept of radio
that is community owned and controlled.

The station became the UK ‘s very first full-time Community Radio station
when it was awarded license number CR001 after legislation was passed in
2003 creating a whole new tier of radio which is aimed at giving local
people access to the media. During the project’s lifetime thousands of
Forest people have been involved the station by making or appearing in
programmes or helping in other ways. With their involvement has come
increased skills and confidence, some even going on to full-time employment
in the media. As well as the benefit to people involved, the project has
also built an audio archive running into thousands of hours covering not
only the big events like the “Save our Services” campaign but also
documenting our language and culture as well as stories of ordinary Forest

Despite many months of effort the project has been unable to secure
sufficient funding and resources to enable it to continue until the end of
its present five year license at the end of 2010. Management have
taken this decision now in order to preserve the core of the project assets
so as to provide a foundation on which community media work in the future
may be built, although what form that may take is currently


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