Bits and Pieces

I have just got a copy of the boat that rocked dvd.  I was not sure that the film would be that marvellous, but had to have a copy of it for my anorak library.  I was lucky to get a sealed new copy from  I found the first ten to fifteen minutes, especially the bits where the deejays are talking on the ship rather muddling.  I have since found that a bit later on in the film a real fun story starts, then some fantasy almost musical style routines happen.  Some lovely shots of the Radio Rock Ship, so much like the Ross Revenge. I have only watched about 45 minutes of the film so far, I will come back with a further review when I have a chance to see some more.  I normally view films in small sections. 

Still no sound from Big L on 1395. Mind you Isle of Man Broadcasting have not issued a peep at all, and I have some shares in that concern.

Interesting to note that Brian Matthew has a show on The Voice of Peace.  His show on a Saturday on Radio 2 called Sounds of the Sixties is a show not to be missed.

BBC Radio 2 presenter Sir Terry Wogan has been introduced to the Radio Academy Hall of Fame.

The outgoing breakfast host will accept his award at a gala lunch to celebrate his radio career in London next month.

The PRS Radio Academy Hall of Fame Lunch 2009 is planned for Thursday 10th December from midday at the Millennium Hotel in London’s Grosvenor Square and limited tickets are available from the Academy.

Sir Terry will also be presented with the 2009 PRS John Peel Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music Radio.

The Daily Mail is reporting Chris Moyles could be replaced by Vernon Kay on the Radio 1 breakfast show in July next year. 


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