Voice of Peace back on the internet

I was interested to read that the Voice of Peace is back, and I have added it to my stations on my wi fi radio.  If you would like to visit the station and get a link to the streaming  click on this link http://www.thevoiceofpeace.co.il/
This is what the website says about the station. Overall I have been impressed by the sound which is reminiscent of the original station.  Well at least of from the few tapes I have heard.
After 15 years of silence The Voice of Peace 24/7 is back again, using 21st Century technology. We would like “1540 The Voice of Peace” to sound as close to the original as possible. Our team includes Tami Tzabari from Israel who will make sure we achieve that. Yaniv Dayan who has built our website and will be making sure that the signal we originate can be heard well from the site. On our team we have Paul Douglas I.T. Studio and transmitter engineer. Paul will also be one of our presenters and myself, Doug Wood; I’ll be responsible for making sure it all runs smoothly when we go on the air. I will also return with “Morning Music” after 27 years! You will be expecting more ex VOP DJ’s in the coming weeks. So don’t go away!!!

Doug Wood.

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