The British DX Club

I have belonged to this radio club since the early 1980s, and it has been an invaluable source of information. It has brought me in touch with like minded people who enjoy dx and radio listening.
They have a monthly A5 magazine called “Communication” this is produced regularly and on time by a group of members who are devoted to the club and the hobby of radio. It contains features about radio stations. It has a technical section. There are logs of radio stations received on SW, FM and LW. The logs are made by members and I find them invaluable, as the World Radio TV Handbook and other books only update annually. One of my favourite features is the Web Watch section, crammed with links to radio related sites supplied by the club members. This is written by Chrissy Brand, who also edits the Communication magazine. I know the first time I sent off a batch of logs to the magazine and saw them published alongside others, it made me feel that my hobby of radio was not a lone pursuit. Many times on their email service on Yahoo I have posed a query and it has been reliably answered, sometimes by more than one member.

Finally I also belong to their Audio Circle. I get it by download as an MP3, but you can receive it on CDR or audiocassette at present. This contains spoken intros to member’s radio “catches”, and musings about aspects of radio. Once again there is a monthly edition, and contributions are welcomed on MP3, cassette or CDR for the forthcoming programmes.

I hope this has whetted your appetite, and if you do not know about this club I suggest that you become a member today.

Their website gives the latest contact information, and normally as sample copy of Communication to read. Say Keith the Wireless Waffler recommended you join!


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